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Brilliant! For a minute i thought i thought everything was spinning down in a lovey dovey sickening spasm that made me want to puke. Then the relief.


Wow after watching that i believe i was overwhelmed by a strange smell from my pants. I love creepy things like this.

Voice Actors

I know that i won't be the only one to say this to you. I really like the sprites and the Plot, and the animation everything. The only thing thats lackimg is voice acting. Even though your dialogue is pretty awesome reading the text boxes really detracts from your animation. Get yourself a bunch of voice actors and this will definitely become one of the more popular series on newgrounds.

DaZinga responds:

Check out my newest news post about voice acting

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Amazingly well done

To the review writers below me. This game is amazingly well done considering the time it took. There is a slight challenge in getting set up at the beginning. You're ability to raise your food bar seems to be horrible as raw meat and coconuts arent exactly the best sustenance. About the stats decreasing too quickly. You may be experiencing this merely because one of your stats are zeroed. When this happens all your other stats drop rapidly. When you sleep and your stats continue to decrease? I mean really? you dont get hungry or thirsty when you wake up? It would be unrealistic to get rid of this. To the person who complained you cant skip the intro. First off. Its hilarious and if you are traumatized by repeats or penises just click it will skip to the game. To the person who couldnt collect water....... You can't drink salt water. You die drink from the river. So with all that said the game mechanics are awesome. I love the jokes in this game. When i found wilson i stripped naked and ran around the room a few times in elation. I died about twice before i beat the game. I like the graphics the voice acting and the whole game concept i think that the only thing missing was a funny ending scene to pull it all together. To future players, most of the tools are on the beach, Drink fresh water, Get yourself something to cook food, and then a way to entertain yourself fast. Overall a very funny and entertaining game.

Amazing Art!

The best thing about a game like this is that when you play it you feel a sense that everything around you moves. And that the gameworld you live in is alive. It's something that games try to replicate all over the world but is difficult to accomplish. The amazing mix of artwork and music and strange and slightly offbeat surroundings make this game special. I hope everyone can recognize that. Though i didnt miss what I'm sure should have been profound symbolism in the game i really loved everything you've done here.

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Bringing out the Dub in Dubstep =D

Awesome song

I really like your song especially the buildup part where the layering was just really intense and frigging awesome.
Um I've been listening around and trying to make my own trance but im just curious. How do you create the sweep sound? Ive been trying to find a way for some time now.


This song sounds awesome i especially like the pizzi sound. The chord progression is beautiful. I feel like you put in a real mix of instrumentation of this one. Hope you win.

Gravey responds:

glad you found the song enjoyable my friend. :-)


Hey I've been on newgrounds for awhile and recently picked up on dance music. I officially started trying to write my own on 8/10/9 (British TIme)

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